ElBaradei Responds

Responding to revelations about the Israeli strike on a Syrian nuclear facility last September, the International Atomic Energy Agency’s Director General, Mohammad ElBaradei, issued an angry statement. According to the Agency,

The Director General deplores the fact that this information was not provided to the Agency in a timely manner, in accordance with the Agency’s responsibilities under the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), to enable it to verify its veracity and establish the facts. Under the NPT, the Agency has a responsibility to verify any proliferation allegations in a non-nuclear weapon State party to the NPT and to report its findings to the IAEA Board of Governors and the Security Council, as required.

Having spent six years NOT stopping Iran from pursuing its nuclear goals, having been remarkably unsuccessful in his efforts to stop North Korea from proliferating, having been completely in the dark about Libya’s attempts to proliferate, and having also failed to disrupt A. Q. Khan’s black market nuclear tech network, ElBaradei has little standing to decry Israel’s action as undermining “the due process of verification.”

The only real cause of upset for ElBaradei, I’d wager, is the lack of what he calls “due process:” namely, a role in these events for himself and his agency. But given the success and freedom from interference IAEA-examined proliferators currently enjoy–consider Iran and look no further–perhaps the occasional surgical bombing should be welcomed, not chastised, by those who wish to see effective checks on proliferation.