If You Were Skeptical…

…that foreign aid to Gaza helps Hamas, just listen to one of Hamas’s senior leaders:

Khalil al-Hayya, one of three survivors of the five best known Hamas leaders, told supporters the group had achieved victory in the war and was now engaged in a political battle.

Hamas understands the purpose of foreign aid much better than do those who are handing out the money. Foreign aid allows Hamas to mollify public anger over the wars it starts, making the consequences of its militancy less acute. Europe and America are supporting both sides of a war while professing their hope that only one side wins. It’s head-spinning to realize that my tax money is helping to pay both for the Israeli bombs that destroy buildings in Gaza, and the reconstruction that follows. It’s one thing to fund both sides of a war between your enemies, say, between Iran and Iraq, hoping they both lose (to paraphrase Kissinger). But when one side is your ally and the other is your enemy, and you are funding both, you are engaged in a demented exercise.