Iran claims that it’s discovered a new Stuxnet-like cyber attack against its systems, which it’s dubbed the “Stars” virus. Based on the reports from Iran, the virus hasn’t done much damage yet, and is currently under investigation.

“Fortunately, our young experts have been able to discover this virus and the Stars virus is now in the laboratory for more investigations,” Gholamreza Jalali, Iran’s commander of civil defense, told the Mehr news agency. “In the initial stage, the damage is low and it is likely to be mistaken for some of the executable files of the governmental institutions.”

Officials haven’t explained which specific system the virus was targeting, or what impact it was supposed to have. But Jalali did claim that the attack could have endangered the lives of Iranians if it hadn’t been caught early enough. He said that Iran will take legal measures to counter cyber attacks in the future. The regime already said earlier this month that it plans to sue the German-based Siemens corporation for allegedly providing intelligence used to create the Stuxnet virus.

“Many countries such as Russia consider any cyber attack as an act of war against themselves,” said Jalali, insinuating that the regime may be considering other measures against these alleged attacks.

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