Ahmadinejad Goes to Yale

The U.S. and European delegations walk out on Ahmadinejad at the UN. The president proclaims himself outraged that the perennial Holocaust denier would say awful things. But Ahmadinejad is not without friends in the West. Oh, far from it. Hillary Mann Leverett, one half of the dynamic duo of mullah apologists, invited him to her class at Yale. I kid you not. This account gives you a flavor of what passes for scholarship in the Ivy League:

Leverett said what came across from the meeting was that “he was probably not the stereotype of a crazy irrational figure … He has a strategy for Iran.” She said she also hopes students understand “that it will take a lot more from the U.S. if we want to have a real policy of engagement.”

No word on whether the bright young minds asked him about the murders, stonings, beatings, Holocaust denial, etc.

Perhaps Leverett next time can arrange for her class a field trip to the dolphin show with him.