This is why President Trump was right to walk away from his predecessor’s disastrous nuclear deal with Iran, and why he is right to ramp up pressure on the Tehran regime. The evidence linking the mullahs to preparations for a terror attack in Denmark vindicates the Trump administration.

Acting on a tip from the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad, Swedish security forces earlier this month arrested an Iranian-Norwegian citizen, who was allegedly plotting to bomb the Danish home of an Iranian-Arab separatist leader. The arrest followed last month’s decision by Danish authorities to temporarily shut down bridge traffic between Denmark and Sweden and halt ferry service between Denmark and Germany, all to forestall a potential attack.

In July, European authorities foiled another Iranian plot in Paris, against a gathering of the Marxist-Islamic opposition group Mujahedeen-e-Khalq, formerly allies of the Khomeinist regime. Had that attack succeeded, it would almost certainly have resulted in hundreds of casualties in the densely populated French capital.

Denmark is calling on the European Union to impose fresh sanctions on Tehran, and let’s hope Brussels listens. Recall, however, that EU mandarins have planned a “special-payment channel” to Iran to bypass new American sanctions and salvage the nuke deal. This, even though Iran has long been one of the global epicenters of money laundering and terrorism financing. Money is fungible, which means that at least some of the euros that make it to Tehran will end up underwriting the regime’s terror apparatus.

So you could say that the Europeans are preparing to finance terror against their own homelands… with the high-minded aim of owning Trump, of course.

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