Imaginary Iran

Never before in recent history has the United States faced a country that has so persistently sought to kill Americans or attack Americans only to avoid consequences after every outrage. It’s not just a matter of:

  • The 1979-1981 hostage situation.
  • Assassinating an Iranian dissident in suburban Washington, DC.
  • The 1983 Marine Barracks bombing.
  • Seizing American hostages in Lebanon.
  • The 1996 Khobar Towers attacks.
  • The facilitation of transport for the 9/11 hijackers to and from Al Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan.
  • Sheltering of senior al-Qaeda leaders post-9/11.
  • Smuggling of explosively-formed projectiles into Iraq and weaponry to the Taliban to kill Americans.
  • Plotting to kill the Saudi ambassador in Washington, DC.
  • Seizing, holding for years, and then ransoming a number of Iranian-Americans for years and continuing to hold former FBI agent Robert Levinson, left behind by the Obama administration in its rush to conclude a nuclear deal.

For none of the listed events has anyone in Iran faced any consequence. Rather, the problem is broader: There is a consistent and bizarre effort to whitewash Iranian excesses and to depict not the reality of the Islamic today, but rather a fictional and imaginary Iran.

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Imaginary Iran

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The Mystery of America’s Cuba Crisis

Where's the seriousness?

The American government’s ongoing dispute with Cuba has aroused remarkably little interest among political observers, particularly considering its objective seriousness.

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The Other Russia Scandal

One woman wrecking ball.

In her latest reinvention, Hillary Clinton has emerged from the woods transformed into a self-styled Cassandra. She travels from sound stage to sound stage, reminding the public that her 2016 loss was not her fault and the Russians who undid her once-promising political career are coming again. This newest reboot is remarkable if only for its extraordinary immodesty. Few have done so much to undermine the fortunes of their ostensible allies, but Hillary Clinton is not done yet. Her vendetta has now led her to sabotage the so-called “Resistance’s” last, best hope for cutting the legs out from under the Trump administration: Robert Mueller’s probe into the Trump campaign’s links to Russia.

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Israeli Arabs’ Growing Israeli Identity

Don't believe the hype.

Over last week’s Sukkot holiday, Israeli Arab couple Khalil and Reem Bakly launched their own personal coexistence venture by building a completely kosher sukkah (aided by an Orthodox Jewish employee of Khalil’s dental practice) and inviting any and all Israeli Jews to come visit. That same week, a delegation comprised entirely of Israeli Arabs—Muslims, Christians, and Druze—made final preparations for a speaking tour defending Israel on American college campuses.

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The Revolution Eats Its Own

The revolution will not be tweeted.

Why do successful insurrectionary movements have a habit of eradicating their zealots and ideologues? Revolutionary movements can only succeed by radicalizing the public against existing power structures. Stable governments tend to see an ungovernable public as a liability, and those whose expertise is rendering the public ungovernable quickly transform from an asset into a menace.

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Gravity Waves Observed

A great leap forward.

One of the great events in the history of astronomical observation took place last August 17th.

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