Iranian Regime Officially Beyond Parody?

Iran declares victory over the criminal Zionist entity…at the Oscars:

Iran trumpeted the Islamic Republic’s first foreign film Oscar win Monday as a triumph over archfoe Israel – even as audiences in Israel packed theaters to watch the movie that beat their country’s entry at the Academy Awards. …

Sacha Baron Cohen needs to grab a notepad and take a seat, because Iran just showed him how satire is done.

It’s actually pretty rare for the regime to comment on these types of entertainment awards. While the Associated Press speculates this could be a sign Tehran is easing its hardline stance on the movie industry, it probably has more to do with the regime’s unrestrained animosity toward Israel. Note that any perceived success vis-à-vis the Jewish state (even an Oscar win) is framed in nationalistic and moral terms by the regime: the beating drums of war are slowing because an Iranian filmmaker won the foreign language award over a handful of other countries, including Israel. And this isn’t even portrayed as a sign of artistic achievement on the Iranian movie industry’s part, but as a sign of Israel’s “collapse.”  That’s some deep psychological stuff right there.