A Year in Sderot

Laura Bialis, an American documentary filmmaker currently living in Sderot to film a community under existential stress, posts on the completion of her first year there:

This week marks one year since I moved to Sderot, a small town on the edge of Israel’s Negev desert, one mile away from the Gaza strip.  I came here to find out what it means to live in a never-ending war, and to document the lives and music of musicians under fire.

The remarkable post continues here.

One day, when the history of the resistance to the Islamic war of terror is written, a special chapter will be devoted to the citizens of Sderot, who lived day after day, year after year, through rockets fired indiscriminately at a civilian population, but who — like the citizens of London during the blitz — stood their ground, while the world yawned and cautioned their government about a “proportionate” response.