Obama Delivers Up Israel to the “International Community”

Earlier this year at AIPAC, Hillary Clinton assured the assembled that the “United States has also led the fight in international institutions against anti-Semitism and efforts to challenge Israel’s legitimacy.” Yesterday, Obama threw Israel to the wolves in the “international community”:

Echoing countless calls on Israel to subject itself to an international investigation of the events that led up to the deaths of nine Turkish activists aboard a Gaza-bound aid ship last week, the U.S. on Tuesday demanded that some international body be involved in the probe of the events. …

Suffice it to say, there was no instance in the Bush administration when we invited the international community to take a swing at Israel. So what say you, AIPAC and American Jewry? This has, of course, been the modus operandi of the administration — singling out Israel in the NPT concluding statement, failing to veto an Israel-bashing resolution in the UN Security Council, and threatening to do the same if Israel resumed building in its eternal capital. The Obama team keeps snowing gullible Jewish “leaders.” Perhaps at some point American Jewry will figure out they are being ill-served by both.