Sestak Asks the Israel-Haters to Be Fair

Today, Joe Sestak sent a letter to the Goldstone Report fan club — the Israel-hating UN Council on Human Rights. Its track record of insidious attacks on Israel is well known, and many of Sestak’s colleagues have called for the U.S. to leave the UN Council on Human Rights altogether. What did Sestak say? Be more fair. No, really:

Today, Congressman Joe Sestak (PA-07) sent a letter to the President of the UN Human Rights Council insisting that, if an investigation is conducted, only impartial, unbiased panelists be appointed to review the facts surrounding the May 31 flotilla incident off the coast of Gaza.

He’s joking, right? I suppose he doesn’t know — or care — that the fix is already in. He writes to the Council’s president:

Shortly after the incident, the Human Rights Council wrongly condemned Israel’s actions in extremely harsh terms. I believe that such actions, when taken before the facts are even known, lead to an interpretation of anti-Israeli bias and fail to provide the necessary objectivity. Because of this flawed condemnation, it is important that you ensure that the panelists who investigate the incident do not have preconceived notions of the events.

That’s it. He is apparently even less supportive of Israel than the Obama administration, which is sort of trying to stave off an international witch hunt. He is either hopelessly naive or constrained by his J Street patrons, who — of course — wouldn’t stand for a full-throated repudiation of the UN Human Rights Council or an emphatic defense of Israel’s right to oversee its own national security.

What is shocking is that this comes after Sestak has been bashed for being unsupportive of Israel. So if this is the best he can do when he’s playing defense, can you imagine what he’ll do if he is elected?