Sorry to be Insensitive, But This Is Hilarious

A dancer with the Alvin Ailey troupe was forced by Israeli airport security to dance a few steps to prove his identity, since he bears the name Abdur-Rahim Jackson:

Jackson said he was pulled aside from other members of the troupe when they arrived at Israel’s international airport on Sunday night. He said he was taken to a holding room, where he was asked about the origins of his name. When he explained he was part of the dance group, he was asked to perform.

Doubtless this story will be used to demonstrate Israeli cruelty, racial profiling, insensitivity, etc. For those who have traveled frequently to Israel, this will come as no surprise. A quarter century ago, I traveled from Paris to Tel Aviv to visit my sister. My bag was searched by a female security officer. When she saw a dress in my suitcase, she closed it and told me to follow her to a holding room.

“Why,” she said in a deep voice, “you have dress?”