The Coming of a Second Front

According to the Associated Press, Hamas has promised not to capitulate in the wake of the IDF’s ongoing strategic offensive in Gaza. Adding to the mounting worry over the situation in Gaza, reports indicate that at least three katyusha rockets have been fired into Northern Israel, all coming from within Lebanon’s borders. The formal opening of a second front appears to be only a matter of time. These katyusha rockets represent the first reported attacks in the North since Israel’s defensive war against Hamas began in Gaza almost two weeks ago. At the present time, Hezbollah is not to be blamed entirely for the attacks, according to the Jerusalem Post:

According to Northern Command assessments, the salvo was probably fired by Palestinian terror groups and not by Hizbullah, but the possibility that Hizbullah instructed another group to fire at Israel could not be ruled out.

The New York Times claims that “both [the Lebanese and Israeli] governments played down [the rockets’] significance.” Neither sovereign state appears anxious for another front to open.

Nevertheless, rockets have been fired. More will surely follow in the coming days. And Israel must defend its citizenry from the death and destruction  that inevitably come with indiscriminate rocket fire. A second front in the northern region of Israel might be days away.