Lebanese Cabinet Minister: Obama Won’t Sanction Hezbollah-Controlled Lebanon

Salim Karam, who is from the Hezbollah-allied Marada party and is the minister of state in Lebanon’s new Hezbollah-controlled government, doesn’t think the White House has the will to do it:

State Minister Salim Karam said in an interview published on Saturday that he does not believe the U.S. will sanction Lebanon. “We are not afraid [of sanctions], and we do not think that we are targeted by anything of that kind because the U.S. distributes their sanctions [everywhere] but has not put Lebanon itself on the black list,” he told Kuwaiti newspaper As-Seyyasah.

He also asked why people are insisting the new government will serve foreign (read: Iranian) interests, because how can anyone know what’s in the future? It’s apparently an inscrutable blur, far beyond the horizon of human scrutiny. Never mind that as recently as June 2011 Nasrallah was venerating Khamenei at Beirut conferences with titles like, “Convention of Renovation and Jurisprudence of Imam Khamenei’s Intellect,” and that the modestly named Party of God permits the Supreme Leader total sway over Hezbollah’s decision-making process in Lebanon.