RE: Rep. Peter King Leads on the Flotilla

As he told us yesterday, Rep. Peter King is wasting no time introducing a resolution to urge Obama to change his stance on the flotilla and, more generally, on our approach to the UN and Israel. Today’s news release reads in part:

King’s resolution will authorize the U.S. to provide Israel with necessary weapons and supplies to enforce the Gaza blockade, and will call for U.S. withdrawal from the United Nations Human Rights Council, which last week issued a near-immediate condemnation of Israel.  In addition, the resolution will demand that the Obama Administration oppose any international effort to investigate Israel for last week’s enforcement of the blockade.

We’ll see what sort of reception he gets. I suspect he will find near-unanimous support from his Republican colleagues. As for the House Democrats, they keep saying they are pro-Israel, and now we can see if they really are. Which is it — partisan fidelity to the president’s unseemly stance toward Israel or full support for the security interests of Israel and, in turn, ourselves?