Say What?

Robert Gibbs is having trouble as a new press secretary keeping his stories straight at the White House, but that’s nothing. Over in the Middle East Hamas is having a devil of a time pretending not to be an Iranian pawn. The Washington Post reports:

Hamas leader Khaled Meshal thanked Iran on Monday for many kinds of assistance but omitted any mention of the military aid that Israel and the United States have accused Iran of providing the Islamist movement that controls the Gaza Strip. . . Thank you for all your support — the financial, political and media and popular support which you gave to us,” Meshal said. Hamas representatives in Tehran and Iranian officials have long denied accusations that Iran provides the movement with other kinds of assistance. “The allegation that Iran provides weapons for Hamas is completely baseless,” Kazem Jalali, spokesman for the foreign policy and national security committee of the Iranian parliament, said in a recent interview.

The entire article is worth a read but the final graphs are priceless:

We are absolutely not an Iranian pawn,” [Abu Osama] Abdolmoti [the permanent Hams representative in Iran] said, speaking in Arabic rather than Iran’s main language, Farsi. “If Iran makes some kind of deal with the United States which is negative for Palestine, we will continue our struggle like before. We don’t take orders from anybody.”

Well now that the cat is out of the bag during a Democratic administration, perhaps the Left will stop looking the other way and shouting “Neocon conspiracy!” when U.S. officials point out the very real link between the two and the overarching concern of not just the U.S. but most of the Arab world: Iran’s dangerous aspirations in the region.