The Muslim Effect?

It seems that all that scraping and bowing and even the fractured Middle East history designed to appease the “Muslim World” didn’t get Obama many brownie points:

President Barack Obama’s much-heralded speech last month in Egypt did little to change America’s image in the Muslim world, a survey released Thursday shows.

America’s approval ratings have gone up outside the “Muslim World,” but somehow he didn’t change the hearts and minds of his intended audience in Cairo. Well, actually he did:

“The Cairo effect,” as Pew called it, was this: Among Israelis, a favorable rating of the United States dropped from 76 percent to 63 percent and among Palestinians, it rose slightly from 14 percent to 19 percent.

He certainly has shown that if you contend that Israel’s legitimacy stems from the Holocaust and Palestinians are like enslaved African Americans, tell Jews where they can live, and exempt the Palestinians from taking any concrete steps toward peace, you can have some impact.