Richard Falk, the UN rapporteur for human rights in the Palestinian territories, was sharply admonished by Ambassador Susan Rice and UN Chief Ban Ki Moon after he posted a blog questioning the “official explanations” for the Sept. 11 attacks. Falk responded by defending his comments, and claimed that they were “not connected with my UN role.”

But today, UN Watch released audio of Falk expressing doubts about the “official version” of what happened on Sept. 11 during an appearance on the conspiracy-theorist radio show Truth Jihad. On the show, Falk spoke briefly about his role at the UN.

At one point during the interview, the host asked Falk, “Can we change the way that Middle East policy is perceived by calling into question the events of 9/11?”

“I think it’s possible,” Falk replied. “It’s very hard to say how that would play out, but I think it’s possible. Of course the truth is a positive value of its own, and even aside from whether it has these secondary effects, it’s important to speak the truth in matters that are so vital to understanding the integrity and legality of our own governing process.”

Later in the interview, the host asked Falk why Obama White House official Cass Sunstein is “so extreme in his urging the government to drop the constitution and take down the 9/11 truth movement?”

Falk responded that Sunstein’s position “seems to reflect either an implicit or explicit anxiety in the power elite that is running this country that they have to do everything they can to discredit those that are questioning the official version of what took place on 9/11. That they do this in part by pretending that by calling something a conspiracy theory, you’ve eliminated the need to investigate the factual reality of what took place. The liberal press has gone along with that to a frightening degree.”

Ambassador Rice called for Falk’s termination during his blog post controversy, and this newly uncovered interview may reinvigorate calls for his ouster. He certainly wouldn’t be missed, for more reasons than one. The rapporteur’s views on Israel are about as objectionable as his views on the 9/11 attacks. Today, Falk accused Israel of “ethnic cleansing,” and he’s previously compared the Israeli government to the Nazi regime.

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