Obama spinners were getting giddy earlier in the week that Russia was getting interested in sanctions ever since the president caved on missile defense. Not really, according to these comments from Russian President Medvedev:

I do not believe sanctions are the best way to achieve results. Sanctions were used on a number of occasions against Iran but we have doubts about the results. Nevertheless when all instruments have been used and failed, one can use international legal sanctions. That is common. . . . I think we should continue to promote positive incentives for Iran and at the same time push it to make all its programs transparent and open. Should we fail in that case, we’ll consider other options.

He is, however, quite delighted that Obama pulled out of missile defense. Indeed, he goes out of the way to suggest that Obama didn’t get anything for it: “Of course, this decision was determined by Barack Obama’s mindset. It was not pro-Russia nor pro-Chinese nor pro-Europe, this was an American decision. What’s important is Barack Obama listened to my position. Perhaps it was part of the basis for his decision. We are learning to listen to each other. This is a change from the previous administration.” Yes, it certainly is.

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