From a theater review in the New York Times today:

Vibrators, leather bars and good old-fashioned sodomy have never looked more wholesome than they do in “The Kid,” the easygoing, sentimental new musical about a gay couple trying to adopt a baby. The homosexual partners at the center of this surprisingly unsurprising production…feel like truly ordinary people, folks you’ve met many times before in depictions of American spouses in pursuit of parenthood….So what if Dan (Christopher Sieber) and Terry (Lucas Steele) shared their first passionate clinch (on their first meeting) in a men’s room stall and now leave sex toys lying around the house?….In its book (by Michael Zam), songs (by Jack Lechner and Andy Monroe) and even its direction, the primary objective of “The Kid” is to make the potentially confrontational seem all-embracing and prosaic. From the moment the show begins, with Mr. Sieber walking across and straight off the stage (returning with a cup of coffee), its rhythms are disarmingly those of life as usual.

Except for the sex toys lying around the house.

Duly Noted via @commentarymagazine
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