Much ink has been spilled about the London School of Economics’ willingness to bend academic standards in order to solicit cash from Muammar Qaddafi’s Libyan dictatorship. Alas, it does not seem that other British universities learned the lesson of that unfortunate episode.

Oxford University’s student newspaper is reporting on the murky deals Oxford University appears to have made in order to get its hands on just a small portion of former Iranian President Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani’s multi-billion dollar nest egg. The price? Apparently, to admit Rafsanjani’s son, waive his language requirement, and ignore the fact that the son was working elsewhere when he was supposed to be studying. Now, Oxford has some explaining to do as it shelters one of its least distinguished students who just so happens to have a warrant out for torture and causing grievous bodily harm. A lot more, here.

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