A Transparent Political Game

There’s plenty of evidence that President Obama’s effort to portray himself as serious about cutting federal spending is a transparent political game. The Wall Street Journal cites one data point in its fine editorial today:

The president insists his party is offering serious spending cuts and entitlement reform. He also likes to talk about “balance,” which to him means real tax increases immediately and speculative spending cuts some time in the distant future. Behind the scenes the White House has only ever agreed to token reform and cuts. Here’s a number for the debt history books: Mr. Obama’s final offer in the Biden talks was a $2 billion cut in 2012 nondefense discretionary spending. The federal government spends more than $10 billion a day.

Whatever one thinks of the president’s plan, it is simply not serious about cutting federal spending. And given Obama’s extraordinary, record-setting spending binge during the last few years, why would anyone expect that it would be?