The Beagle Blogger was not the only one obsessed with Sarah Palin’s pregnancy and her son Trig; it just turns out he was the only Obama cheerleader foolish enough to make an issue of it. If you want to see just how inane is the blogospheric left, take a gander at the pages and pages and pages of discussion on the Palin pregnancy and her son Trig in the latest installation of the Journolist Chronicles. It’s not a pretty sight, although it’s nice to know that even Ezra Klein could figure out it was a topic they all should stay away from (because like the Borg, they do not think independently). Yes, children, it’s either her son or, if not, (because they can spend hours mulling if it’s all a hoax) there really is no upside for the Obama camp in making a big deal of a politician who welcomes a Down Syndrome child into her home.

The important thing is to get their stories straight:

Moira Whelan
Sept 1, 2008, 8:49am

I dont think anyone from this list is running with it, but as I see it, the task is to set the frame that the Palin pick showed bad judgment on McCain’s part. That way when/if it does pop, it gets into that meme without people having to express outrage.

Yes, that was the “task” all along — to figure out how to shape and slant, spin and pedal, all for the greater good of electing Obama. And, you know, until he proved to be an imperfect warrior for the loony left, they didn’t stop after election day.