Burris Ups The Ante

Roland Burris isn’t making this any easier on the Democrats. The Wall Street Journal reports:

Roland Burris suggested he would challenge an effort to block his appointment to the Senate seat vacated by President-elect Barack Obama, but said he’s confident that Senate Democrats will back down and allow him to take the job.

And Burris has a point. Absent any evidence of criminality with regard to the Burris appointment itself, what exactly is the argument to deny him a seat? After all, if there were concern about Blago’s continued powers, the Illinois legislature could have stripped him of the appointment power. Egged on by Harry Reid, they chose against a special election.

Does it reflect poorly upon the Democrats? As David Broder succinctly put it: “The Illinois Democrats have really made a spectacle of themselves.” But since when was that grounds for denying a senator his seat? I think we can predict that, regardless of the legal arguments, the Senate will vote to deny him his seat. Burris can then head to court. By then Burris may need to face off against some other appointee (from the Lt. Governor, after Blago is impeached). Or perhaps by then a special election will be set. In any event, a tangled and protracted legal battle seems to be in the offing. This will make the Franken-Coleman contest look like a picnic.

And the Republicans? This is one of those times when it is best not to interfere with an opponent’s self-destruction.