All About Us

From Ben Shapiro’s mini-masterpiece on Obama’s win:

This election was about one thing and one thing only: Americans’ puerile need for unity through self-congratulatory, cathartic membership in a broad, transformative political movement.

Bingo. Obama voters like to talk about Obama’s post-boomer sensibility. But has anyone seen what boomers begat? Boomers were at least about “me,” and there’s something workably free-market there. But take the vacuous post-boomer “us,” couple it with a drooling cult of personality, sprinkle with promised entitlements, and you have a Euro-statist tragedy on your hands.

Obama’s interest in spreading the wealth is only half the equation. The apparent majority of Americans’ willingness to see it spread is the other. It may look weak and unpresidential, but I’m perfectly fine with Obama’s camp telling Americans to tamp down expectations. They might also want to tell them to take down their Stalinist-style posters and buttons. Obama works for us now. You don’t worship employees and you don’t hit them up for handouts. The best thing that could happen to the American public right now would be some healthy skepticism–followed by some healthy disunity.