Michele Bachmann's First Campaign Ad - Commentary

Rep. Michele Bachmann’s first campaign ad of the season is out in Iowa today, and it’s clearly aimed at introducing herself to Iowa voters. The commercial is short and simple, and features Bachmann talking directly into the camera about her Iowa roots, her foster kids, her career as an attorney, and her fiscal record as a member of Congress.

The underlying message of the video: this is not the crazy tea party lady the Democrats have been trying to paint her as for the past few years.

The most interesting part of the ad comes at the end, where Bachmann unveils what may potentially become a campaign slogan: “The unifying choice to beat Obama.” Bachmann is a star with the grassroots, but many Republicans and Independents likely have doubts about whether she could win in a general election. And it’s important for Bachmann to change that perception — especially in Iowa, where a new Iowa Republican poll just found this week state GOP voters prefer a candidate who can beat Obama over one they agree with ideologically. This follows a larger Gallup poll that found the same trend among Republicans nationally. Convincing voters she can win in a general election will be Bachmann’s biggest challenge as the primaries draw closer.

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