Why Should Cain Stay in the Race?

Jim Geraghty flags an unusual request from the official Herman Cain website. Apparently Cain is asking supporters to send him encouragement to stay in the race – and he’s going to need it after his latest admission that his wife was kept in the dark about the monthly financial assistance he was giving Ginger White:

Encouragement for Cain is the official page where supporters are invited to show their support, communicate their prayers and voice their vote for Herman Cain. Please take a moment to write Mr. Cain a note sharing why you feel it is important for him to stay in the race and become the next president of the United States of America! The Left is trying their best to discredit him because they fear him. We must unite and show Mr. Cain that he is not alone in this fight, but that WE THE PEOPLE stand firmly beside him and behind him.

Even if no other shoes drop in the Ginger White controversy, Cain’s already mortally wounded. His support is rapidly plummeting, and it’s hard to see how Cain can stop the bleeding. The Associated Press evaluates his status, and it’s bleak:

Over the past month, Cain has watched his standing in polls sink. He acknowledged his fundraising took a hit after White came forward, and political experts predict that his ability to take in campaign cash will evaporate now that he is re-evaluating whether to remain in the race. If he decides to continue running, Cain would face another big hurdle: the loss of grassroots support, which has provided the core of his base for his anti-establishment campaign.

And the longer he stays in, the worse it’s going to get. As Allahpundit notes:

One thing Romney has that Cain increasingly needs is campaign cash. According to WaPo, the Cain Train is almost out of steam financially, to the point where they can’t afford to run ads rebutting all the charges against him. If he ends up in debt, Romney could promise to erase his liabilities in return for an endorsement and some appearances on the stump. Obviously, though, that’ll matter much more to Romney when Cain’s still at 10-15 percent than when he’s at five. Tick tock.

So, Cain wants his supporters to tell him why he should stay in the race? Here are some better questions: Why should he bother to put himself, his family, and the other candidates through this anymore? Why wait for possibly more damaging allegations to come out? For more of his supporters to jump ship? For his cash to completely dry up? If it’s only going to go downhill from here, the sooner he gets out the better it will be for everyone involved.