Could Ryan Hurt Obama’s Fundraising?

Here’s an interesting catch from CNN. Obama campaign co-chair and top bundler Marc Benioff has raised over $500,000 for Obama’s reelection, but apparently he also donated $10,000 to Paul Ryan’s PAC just two months ago (h/t Dan Halper):

Benioff has helped raise more than $500,000 for Obama’s re-election effort, and even hosted a $35,800-a-plate fundraiser featuring Stevie Wonder and hip-hop artist …

Benioff also contributed $2,300 to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign in 2007. He has a history of contributing to both Republicans and Democrats, though his support for Obama has far outweighed his support for any other candidate from either party.

But this does seem to show the crossover appeal Romney and Ryan have with donors in the business world who supported Obama in 2008 but aren’t particularly partisan. If someone like Benioff, who currently has an official role with the Obama campaign, is open to Ryan’s ideas, then what about the donors who played a smaller part in ’08? This has been a problem for Obama since he began running for reelection, and the addition of Paul Ryan to the GOP ticket could make things worse.