A Defense of Robocalls to Democrats

As the Romney campaign prepares to make Rick Santorum’s robocalls to Democratic voters a regular issue on the trail, the Santorum campaign tells BuzzFeed’s Rosie Gray that it doesn’t regret the tactic – and may use it in the future:

The robocalls have been seen as something of a flop — attracting too much attention and not turning out enough Democrats to actually tip the scales in favor of Santorum. But two high-level campaign staffers defended the calls and downplayed the controversy surrounding them.

Santorum has nothing to apologize for here. Robocalls that are intentionally designed to cause mischief, a laOperation Hilarity,” are one thing. But it’s hard to criticize Santorum for getting his message out to Democrats, who may honestly be open to supporting a Republican this season. Polls have shown nearly 20 percent of Democrats don’t approve of Obama’s job performance. Reaching out to these people early is just smart politics.