“Endless” Acts of Racism

At RealClear, John McWhorter has a piece about what Barack Obama’s nomination illustrates: racism is in serious retreat. He writes:

Some may mistake me as implying that it would be okay to stop talking about racism. But that interpretation is incorrect: I am stating that it would be okay to stop talking about racism. We need to be talking about serious activism focused on results. Those who suppose that the main meal in the aforementioned is to decry racism are not helping people.

Funny he should mention it. In today’s New York Times there’s a piece about how Obama’s nomination is inspiring blacks. Well, some blacks:

“People hate black people,” said Michella Minter, a black 21-year-old student in Huntington, W.Va., referring to persistent racism in the United States.

“I’m not trying to be racist or over the top but it is seriously apparent that black people aren’t valued in this country,” Ms. Minter said. “In the last 12 months, six kids were being tried for attempted murder for a school fight, an unarmed man got 51 bullets in his body by a New York police officer, died, and no one was charged, and endless other racist unknown acts have occurred this year.”

The “21-year-old student” part is depressing. The racism meme is so calcified in the mindset of American universities that young black Americans with unprecedented opportunity are continually being “educated” into defeatism and victimology. A black man is the Democratic presidential nominee, yet the campus-based focus is on hated blacks  and “endless” acts of racism.

As McWhorter writes: “Of course there is racism. The question is whether there is enough to matter.” There’s always enough to matter to a network of universities whose goal is to turn out the next generation of Michella Minters.