Gibbs: Big Bird Ad Makes “Important Point”

It looks like the Obama campaign is forging ahead with its ill-conceived Big Bird ad campaign, despite ridicule from across the political spectrum. On the Today show this morning, Robert Gibbs defended the ad against allegations that it makes the president seem trivial and desperate:

“The ad and the President have an important point on this,” said Gibbs on NBC’s “Today” show. “Mitt Romney in Wednesday’s debate said, ‘I’m going to get tough by getting “Downton Abbey” and going to war with “Sesame Street” ‘ when he’s going to let Wall Street off the hook and not hold them accountable as we go on financial reform.

The “war with Sesame Street” line is a nice touch. Gibbs is pandering to the lowest of the low-interest voters, hoping they make their choice based on whether they’re Downton Abbey or Sesame Street fans. This is the same fearmongering the Obama campaign has used to criticize every potential government cut, but it’s never been more obvious than now. According to the campaign, the mammoth entitlements can’t be tinkered with because too many people rely on them. But talk about cutting the small stuff — like public funding for PBS — and the Obama campaign will mock you for wanting to get rid of a program that will barely make a dent in the deficit. The end result is a president who looks completely unserious when it comes to dealing with the debt crisis. He won’t cut the big things, and he won’t cut the small things.