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Here’s A Strategy for Bush and McCain

Barack Obama is a supporter of the special-interest cesspool called the Agriculture Bill. I would hope John McCain — against it from the getgo — would make a very big deal of it, as it would be interesting to see Obama defend a bill giving subsidies to Kentucky thoroughbred horse breeders (a downtrodden group if ever there was one–I’ve heard some of them can’t even afford a private jet).

Someone please tell me why the following would be wrong, naïve, or counterproductive: Congress sends the bill to the White House. The President asks for fifteen minutes on TV, during which he 1) signs the veto message, 2) does a quick show-and-tell on the bill’s more egregious features, 3) says that this piece of legislation is Exhibit A of how and why Washington doesn’t work for the benefit of the people any more, 4) says this is the time to stop this sort of thing and 4) tells the people to E-mail their congressmen and senators (helpful crawl giving the House and Senate websites) and to say that they’re mad as hell about this and they’re not going to take it any more.

The president isn’t going to get anything out of Congress in the next eight months anyway, so he has nothing to lose by enraging Capitol Hill big time. Doing this would 1) cause the Congressional servers to collapse under an avalanche of irate e-mails, 2) raise his approval ratings, and 3) get the veto sustained.

It would also be a big boost to McCain, who actually has a track record against special-interest legislation, which Obama lacks.

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