McCain Can’t Score a Point

Barack Obama has definitely won the post-vote sound-bite war. Campaigning in Denver, he told people to “stay calm.”

“Things are never smooth in Congress,” Obama said. “Understand that it will get done, that we are going to make sure that an emergency package is put together, because it is required for us to stabilize the market.”

It’s vague and it may be pie-in-the-sky, but it’s intended to reassure and anything is worlds better than John McCain’s sniping through his economic advisor.

As a campaign moment, this crisis has been slipping out of McCain’s hands since the news about Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch first broke two weeks ago. He’s thrown the kitchen sink at it, and it’s all been wrong. He said the wrong thing, then he did the wrong thing, and then he cemented his failure by ceding the economic part of Friday’s debate to Barack Obama. It’s not surprising then that his first reaction to today’s impasse was one of frustration and disgust. Nor is it surprising, for that matter, that Obama’s reaction was laid back and hopeful. That’s just where this race is right now.