Two new polls out today show President Obama is in an increasingly perilous position with voters when it comes to the economy. The first, a McClatchy-Marist poll, has the president hitting a record low on his economic approval rating. Just 37 percent of registered voters approve of how he’s managing the economy, with voters disapproving his handling of the federal deficit by a 2-1 margin.

Meanwhile, a Gallup poll found U.S. economic confidence has plummeted by seven percentage points since last month, and is hovering near its 2011 low. Only 31 percent of Americans say the economy is improving, and 45 percent rate the economy as “poor.”

But not all of the numbers indicated trouble for the president. According to McClatchy-Marist, his favorability rating is at a steady 50 percent and his overall approval rating is at 45 percent. Of course, the longer the economic problems drag out, the more likely it is those numbers will start to deteriorate as well — especially once voters are faced with a Republican alternative for 2012. Obama’s polling numbers continue to be highly polarized, with 91 percent of Republicans disapproving of his economic performance, compared to just 31 percent of Democrats. But the president still appears to be losing ground with independents, who disapprove of his handling of the economy by 60 percent. With the economy as the top concern for independent voters, combating this perception is sure to be one of Obama’s biggest challenges as his campaign gets under way.

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