Obama Finance Chieftan Slams Palin Parenting

The Obama camp must be in melt down. Perhaps fearing that the MSM has now slowed in its efforts to villify Sarah Palin and drive her out of the race,  they have taken up the slurs and slams directly. Howard Guttman, an original member of the Obama national finance committee, went on Laura Ingraham Friday to again and again infer that Palin’s parenting skills and the choice to run for VP were suspect. It is stunning actually. A sample:

Gutman said the issue wasn’t one of gender, but one of parenting -– regardless of the gender of the parent.

The Obama camp denied that this outburst represented their views. (If you believe that, I have some old Wesley Clark interviews to play for you.) And if Guttman really strayed entirely off message and his views violate the Obama directive to leave kids and family “out of it,” isn’t the correct response to give Guttman back his money? He can’t be fired because he is not, to my knowledge, working on the campaign. But the equivalent treatment would be to denounce him and separate the Obama campaign from his noxious views by returning his check(s).

One wonders what the Obama internal polling must be and what the chit-chat within the Obama camp must be to set off such blather and stupidity. Like the “hair trigger” response which greeted the original Palin announcement, one wonders if this latest episode suggests that Obama isn’t, after all, a great executive, but rather a mere figurehead unable to reign in his troops or provide them with guidance in troubling times. Imagine if the crisis were something other than a drop in his poll numbers.