President Obama is hoping to woo Hispanic voters by clocking-in a quick minute today in Puerto Rico. Though the visit has been widely publicized as a “major trip” (he’s the first president to visit the U.S. territory in 50 years), Obama will reportedly be spending just five hours on the island. Most of that time will be spent at a DNC fundraiser and doing media interviews — the president will apparently only be out in public for one hour, when he gives a speech at the airport:

Obama will make a brief speech on arrival at Muniz Air National Guard Base and then visit La Fortaleza, the oldest executive mansion in the Western Hemisphere, according to a White House document.

The president also will attend a Democratic National Committee event before returning to Washington on Tuesday night.

To some Puerto Ricans, the trip is too short to merit significance.

“I think it’s a public relations visit. I say it as a Democrat. This visit does not satisfy me,” said Sen. Cirilo Tirado of the island’s Popular Democratic Party.

This is a  transparent PR attempt, especially since it sounds like Obama will spend more time talking to the media than mingling with the public. The president is planning to devote a substantial amount of money and energy to try to win Florida in the general election. Courting the Puerto Rican communities in Orlando and Tampa could give him the edge he needs.

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