One OWS Documentary the Left Won’t Want to See

Justin Elliott has the scoop on a new Occupy Wall Street documentary currently being produced by Citizens United. The filming is reportedly wrapping up this week, which means this could be released fairly soon. Just in time for the Conservative Political Action Conference in early February, maybe?

The new film is to be called “Mic Check: The Untold Story of the Occupy Movement.” A participant at Occupy Wall Street recently received an interview request from a Citizens United producer that included this description of the film:

It’s easy to see why conservative groups like Citizens United would try to turn Occupy Wall Street into a presidential campaign issue, especially because Democrats will undoubtedly hammer the GOP with class warfare messages during the general election. For Republicans, tying the Democratic Party to the OWS movement could be one way to combat the attacks without going on the defense. The Occupiers are viewed increasingly negatively by the general public, and there are still plenty of Americans who aren’t aware of the movement. Which means the battle to define OWS will probably be a key part of the election.