According to Politico, “The Rick Perry relaunch has finally arrived.”

We’re told the Texan will “wage a more focused and aggressive campaign.” Perry’s new consultants are a “roster of some of the most nationally seasoned and toughest names in the Republican media world.” Not only that, “They’re disciplined.” And oh, how it shows. Because only a disciplined, well-oiled, purring-with-efficiency campaign would have their candidate double down on the birther story on the very day he releases his long-awaited economic plan.

“It’s fun to poke at [the president] a little bit and say, ‘Hey, how about it. Let’s see your grades and your birth certificate,’” according to the newly disciplined Perry. And what fun it is! At a time of enormous economic anxiety in the nation, the American people are clearly hoping and praying that a fellow with Perry’s unsurpassed wit and humor would take center stage to poke fun at Barack Obama on the issue of whether he was born in the USA. Because everyone knows that’s the pathway to the presidency.

Having seen the 2.0 version of Rick Perry on display, I’m already beginning to miss the (comatose) 1.0 version.

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