Re: Something Happened

Noam Scheiber is apparently the one exception among prematurely jubilant Obama supporters:

In the last few days, pretty much every tracking poll I trust (WaPo, Gallup, Rasmussen) and several I either don’t trust (that would be you, Zogby) or don’t have much of an opinion about (Kos, Investor’s Business Daily) has shifted toward McCain, in some cases sharply.

Bingo. The “liberal/socialist/redistributionist charge” is getting some traction because it’s demonstrably true and deeply troubling. It’s not so much the timing of Obama’s high-note, but the lyrical content, that’s the problem. The man who coasted through two years of saying nothing and saying it very beautifully has been found, at last, actually to say something–and it’s frightening. Nancy Pelosi may have declared the election a done deal, and the New York Times may have called the GOP the “party of yesterday,” but this “charge” is not going away. Here comes the longest week of Obama’s life.