“The candidate for president who best stands the chance of earning the gadfly-with-breakout-potential trophy is Herman Cain,” John says.

Maybe. On Fox News Sunday this morning, however (about 10:05 into the interview), Cain imitated Sarah Palin’s blank stare when Chris Wallace asked him about the right of return. “The right of return?” he said. “The right of return?” “The Palestinian right of return,” Wallace explained. “That’s something that should be negotiated,” Cain replied. “That’s something that should be negotiated.” Taken aback, Wallace asked whether he believes that Palestinian refugees should be permitted to return to Israel since they were “kicked out of the land [sic!] in 1948.” Cain replied:

Yes [pause], but not under Palestinian conditions. Yes, they should have the right to come back if that is a decision that Israel wants to make. . . . I don’t think they [Israel] have a big problem with people returning.

Even though Cain had told Wallace just a few moments before that he would offer the Palestinians “nothing,” because he is not convinced they are really interested in peace, his cluelessness on the right of return suggests that Cain is more blowhard than gadfly.

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