Back in May, media mogul and top Democratic bundler Haim Saban blasted Obama’s Israel policy and said he had no plans to fundraise for his reelection bid. So it’s no surprise that Mitt Romney’s campaign is reportedly swooping in to court Saban, according to the New York Post:

Mitt Romney’s camp has its eye on an endorsement from top Democratic donor and “Power Rangers” creator Haim Saban, who told us the GOP presidential front-runner is a “worthy candidate.” Sources say the ex-Massachusetts gov’s team is working on scoring an A-list endorsement from the Jewish advocate and entertainment billionaire who has donated heavily to Dems.

A spokesperson for Saban seemed to hint to the Post there’s some mutual interest here, but Romney has to make the first move:

A rep for Saban told us, “Mr. Saban believes Romney is a worthy candidate. However, he has never spoken to him or any of his aides.”

After Chris Christie’s endorsement, Romney seems on track to pick up a lot of the moderate Jewish Republican donors who privately backed the New Jersey governor. Saban, who was one of Hillary Clinton’s top bundlers, has been coy about his intentions in 2012, telling the Hollywood Reporter yesterday he hasn’t decided “who to give to and how much yet.” But there’s no denying he’s a powerhouse fundraiser and would be a huge “get” for Romney, both financially and symbolically.

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