Mitt Romney may not be able to turn back time in order to tone down his 2007 enthusiasm for RomneyCare, but he’s done the next best thing for the Internet age – namely, scrubbing his health care policies off his old campaign website. The Washington Examiner’s Susan Ferrechio reports:

Log onto one of Romney’s archived websites from his 2008 campaign for president,, and you can read about his views on education, immigration, taxes and a half-dozen other issues. The topic of health care is listed, but the text below it has been deleted and a link promising Romney’s “in depth” views on the issue has been disabled.

That’s because candidate Romney has been working to rewrite his past assertions about his state’s troubled health care overhaul to win over Republican primary voters.

And if destroying the evidence of his previous positions online wasn’t enough, the Examiner’s Hayley Peterson reminds us Romney did something similar with his book “No Apologies”:

Recall a couple months ago, when Romney edited and reprinted his book, “No Apologies,” to offer a more scathing review of federal health care reform.

He inserted new paragraphs, deleted others and even changed some sentences to say something else completely.

While this news might not mean much in practical terms, it does help feed the narrative that Romney is an empty suit who bases his political views on the latest polls. And this particular story also adds another dimension. Romney’s flip-flopping has been mainly viewed as a problem for the primary election, with pundits wondering whether staunch conservatives will accept a candidate who isn’t a “true believer” on all of the issues. But it could also be incredibly damaging during a general election, especially because these types of actions – i.e., scrubbing his website in order to obscure previous positions from the public – may speak to questions of character.