Seniors Really Like Ryan (So Far)

I don’t want to be too optimistic about these numbers, since there’s still two and a half months of Mediscaring to go, and Democrats haven’t even gone full-blast on it yet. Still, this WaPo-ABC News poll (via the Fix) is pretty promising for Paul Ryan:

Grandma isn’t scared of Paul Ryan.

It’s not just that the attempts have failed to stick. The fact that 33 percent of seniors (a plurality in this poll) say they hold strongly favorable views of Ryan suggests that this group a.) has probably taken time to think about him and made a relatively well-formed decision, and b.) is less likely to be swayed into the negative camp. That will make it more difficult for Democrats to spread misinformation about Ryan’s positions on Medicare.

There are two immediate problems for Democrats. First, Romney and Ryan have been fairly successful at spreading the news that the Medicare reforms wouldn’t impact anyone over the age of 55. As long as seniors know that their own current coverage won’t be touched, they can look at the reforms with much more open minds.

Second, Paul Ryan just isn’t scary. He’s the kind of guy grandparents usually love. Democrats are going to find it hard to convince retirees that he wants to destroy Medicare because he hates the elderly and wants to give all their health care money to rich people. It’s just not believable to any rational person who’s listened to Ryan talk for more than five minutes.