The First Dude

Susan Estrich has watched the Todd Palin interview on Fox shown over the last two nights. I entirely share her take on Todd Palin, nicknamed the “First Dude:”

He is not fancy. He is not elite. He is not a single one of the things that Barack Obama has been criticized for. He is from a town even smaller than the one he grew up in. He was secure enough to marry a smart and ambitious girl, a girl he has always thought had great things in her.

People who lauded “identity politics” for decades don’t want to have anything to do with it now. That is understandable: the gap between the Democratic presidential candidate’s rhetoric and his behavior is glaring, and the Republican VP nominee and her spouse closely approximate average Americans in values, culture, and socio-economic position. If Democrats really want to win this, they should stop asking voters to choose the candidate who “understands them.” They might choose the one who is them.