The Goldfarb Standard

The McCain camp hasn’t done much push back on the media-savaging of Sarah Palin. But today we get a breath of fresh air from Spokesman Michael Goldfarb based on Chris Matthews’ condescending and ignorant attack on Palin’s remarks concerning the role of the Vice President:

Earlier this week Chris Matthews exhibited such a stunning combination of bias and ignorance that we feel compelled to set the record straight.

This sort of response is long overdue. When every MSM commentator and many conservative pundits feels free to lob every manner of insult and attack at Palin, it is incumbent on the campaign she is representing to push back. It is not just a matter of decency. Such a tack lets Republicans know there is a pulse over at McCain-Palin headquarters. Nothing is as dispiriting as to cede the rhetorical ground, especially when you’re right. If this is the beginning of a trend, it is a positive one.

Finally, in a separate but equally enjoyable release, Goldfarb states: “Just after the New York Times ended months of intense speculation by announcing its endorsement of Barack Obama, the company’s corporate credit rating was lowered to ‘junk’ status — an appropriate reflection of the paper’s editorial judgment as well as the quality of its reporting.” Apparently not everyone at the McCain-Palin camp believes he is entitled to spend his day job-hunting while on the campaign payroll.