Time For A Break

ABC News reports on Joe the Plumber, who seems to be the most effective spokesman for the McCain tax position:

“To be honest with you, that infuriates me,” plumber Joe Wurzelbacher told Nightline’s Terry Moran. “It’s not right for someone to decide you made too much—that you’ve done too good and now we’re going to take some of it back.”

Joe is now everywhere explaining why raising taxes on little businesses is wrong. He is now a handy reference point for the argument that Obama’s tax scheme is not just going to impact Warren Buffett. (Obama never did answer in the debate why he’s raising anyone’s taxes.)

This is no small bit of luck for McCain. He’s been struggling to find a foothold, a way to break through the news clutter and characterize Obama as a tax-and-spend who is liberal out of touch with American entrepreneurial interests. If he can make this a focal point — Obama’s obsession with raising taxes in a recession as evidence of his devotion to liberal othodoxy — he might make some headway.