Cap-and-Trade Victims?

The Republican Eight who crossed the aisle to vote for the Democrats’ cap-and-trade bill may face some angry conservative voters. But they aren’t the only ones for which the cap-and-trade vote may be toxic. Politico reports:

Republicans believe a handful of junior House Democrats may have taken a career-ending vote by supporting the controversial energy bill last week and are planning to launch an ad campaign in targeted districts to try to seal their fate.

It isn’t clear whether this will be a defining vote the way the 1993 energy tax vote was. What is clear is that members from states where their colleagues opposed the bill — the Midwest States in particular — will have a hard time justifying why they didn’t put the interests of their constituents first, as others from their state did. And if those “jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs” Nancy Pelosi talked about do not emerge, then everyone who voted for it — as well as for the stimulus and other defective elements in the liberal agenda — will be at risk.