I’ve pointed out before the ignorance of CNN’s Chris Cuomo when it comes to our nation’s history — in that instance, his claim that in America we do not believe our rights come from God. Mr. Cuomo seems to have not read the Declaration of Independence, for starters. Now it appears Cuomo hasn’t read the Constitution, either.

I say that because of his claim, made on Twitter, that “hate speech” is not protected by the Constitution. “It doesn’t [protect it],” Cuomo tweeted. “Hate speech is excluded from protection. Don’t just say you love the constitution… read it.” Unfortunately for Mr. Cuomo, a lot of people have, and they’ve pointed out that there are no exclusions for hate speech anywhere in the Constitution, including in the Bill of Rights, nor in the Federalist Papers, nor elsewhere in our founding documents. Mr. Cuomo, in others words, was quite wrong. He was smugly lecturing others to read a document he, apparently, is unfamiliar with. (Bear in mind that he’s a graduate of law school, though perhaps this can be explained as an example of social promotion.)

After getting substantively ripped apart by critics, Cuomo was forced to change his argument. No, no, no, Cuomo argues; he didn’t mean read the Constitution (although that’s what he wrote); he meant read case law. Of course he did. But even here, as HotAir’s Ed Morrissey in particular points out, Cuomo is on very shaky ground. (This 2010 Supreme Court case, dealing with “hate speech” and the Westboro Baptist Church, is the most relevant to this discussion and undermines the Cuomo argument.)

Chris Cuomo is a man who thinks he’s much smarter than he is, who is clearly not nearly as widely read as he pretends, and who possesses what looks to be a perfectly dogmatic mind, closed to any evidence that challenges his suppositions. He is both unusually ignorant and unusually arrogant. Those are unfortunate qualities for anyone to possess; they are particularly unfortunate to see in a public figure, where his ignorance can be exposed on quite a large stage.