Commentary of the Day

Ahithophel, on J.G. Thayer:

Apologists for the Obama team are quick to point to Blago’s complaint that the Obama team would only offer “appreciation.” This, they claim, decides the matter: clearly Obama and camp were not involved in any pay-to-play negotiations–and no further questions need be asked. Who can say, however, that Rahm did not come back and say, “We thought it over a little more, and the President would be so overwhelmed with gratitude that you would stand a high likelihood of getting a cush and well-remunerated job through the SEIU”? This, granted, is only a possibility. But the way in which these “journalists” suddenly become completely credulous and incurious about the involvement of Obama and his central circle just goes to show that they still have both feet firmly planted on the Obama bandwagon. Having sacrificed so much to bring him to power, and having invested their hopes in him, they are not about to let the Obama administration be undermined by some village idiot from Chicago.