Artur Davis to Speak at GOP Convention

Artur Davis, the one-time Democratic congressman and 2008 Obama campaign co-chair, has been moving rightward for quite some time. But his speaking slot at the Republican National Convention later this month shows just how much the GOP has embraced him as a Romney surrogate:

“The one thing that I can bring to the table is to be something of a voice for that group of people,” Davis said in announcing his speaking slot. …

The RNC has sounded this theme throughout the race — most recently with the “It’s Okay to Make a Change” ad directed at disillusioned Obama voters — but the message is far more powerful coming from the person who seconded Obama’s nomination at the 2008 Democratic convention.

Americans for Prosperity is also targeting disenchanted voters with its latest ad campaign that actually includes interviews with former Obama supporters:

The soft, disappointed tone of these ads actually seems more compelling now that the Obama campaign has gone viciously negative in its attacks. It’s as if the Obama campaign is proving these ads — and all those disillusioned voters — correct by destroying the last shred of hope that Obama’s 2008 persona was the real deal.

In fact, it’s probably more effective to use these ads than the ones that blatantly attack Obama. Now that the Romney campaign has a clear message, it doesn’t need to go entirely negative — but the Obama campaign does. The more mud Obama throws, the more he’ll end up turning off independent voters and discrediting himself.