Governors Echo GOP: What About Jobs?

This report suggests that the Republicans are going to get some help in framing the 2010 election from governors — some of whom are Democrats:

Frustrated with the pace of job-creation in Washington, the nation’s governors are putting homegrown employment programs into place, and calling on Congress to refocus on the issue.

The Republicans have been hammering Obama and the Democratic leadership for some time about their misplaced priorities. They spent over a year and a huge amount of political capital on ObamaCare, which voters still overwhelmingly dislike. (Rasmussen reports that “52% say the plan will be bad for America, a view that went up slightly after the plan became law and has now held steady for five weeks. Thirty-eight percent (38%) view the plan as good for the country. … Over the past five weeks since Congress passed the measure, support for repeal has remained in a very narrow range from a low of 54% to a high of 58%.”) And now the summer will be spent on a Supreme Court confirmation and stalemates over immigration reform and cap-and-trade. Meanwhile, the Goldman Sachs case and financial regulation are proving perhaps not as potent in rallying populist fury as the Democrats hoped.

So it likely doesn’t help the Democrats to have their own party official echoing the Republican line, namely that politicians have spent over a year ignoring what voters care most about. Democratic governors, many of whom are facing tough races, are more than happy to point the finger at Washington, and in that regard, they’ll get no argument from Republicans. For Democrats, it is one more disagreeable development in an election year that seems to be going from bad to worse.